Next dances:
FRIDAY December 20th

New Years Eve

These dances will be at the
North Reading Moose Lodge
140 North St.
North Reading

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Pictures from our 8th Anniversary
Pictures from our May Dance

We have a FRIDAY dance coming up on the 20th. That is this Friday. We try not to do Friday, since many people have to work, including me, but, hey, another night of dancing is always good.

Now with this being so close to Christmas, we know a lot of you may not be able to make it. No problem. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all of that good stuff.
Many may have Christmas parties or shopping to finish and
Pictures from our June Dance
...and the one after that:
Nothing scheduled yet.
New dates coming soon.

However, we will be having a NEW YEAR'S EVE Dance
Details to come!

can't make it for the whole night, so can't justify paying full price for a partial night. Well, have no fear. We have a solution: Come and dance for half a night, and only pay for half a night. You can come for the first half....come for the second half....or come for the middle half. Hey, if you are weird, you can come for the first quarter and come back for the last quarter. (I don't judge)
How do you get this amazing price? Well, here is the secret "handshake" on how. Just come to the dance and say, "I am only staying for half the night." And give one of us a wink. That is it. If you don't say this and wink, you'll be charged double. We have to make up the difference somehow, right? Nah, no one gets charged double.

FRIDAY December 20th
Moose Lodge North Reading
140 North Street
Dance from 7-11
Price: $10 ($5 with the secret "handshake." See above.)

This would also be a great time to purchase your tickets for:
Smokie's NYE Party!!